Friday 4 December 2020

Russian St Petersburg dragoons. 1813. 1/72

 When was the last time I bought plastic figures? I simply can't remember. These figures are produced by a chap in Russia, and are made from resin/quite a brittle plastic. The poses are excellent (while limited in range) and all the horses look the same way which is a pity. But the actual castings are good and the riders fit very well on their horses but 2 tails broke off in transit and the horses do not come with a base so cutting the hooves free from the sprue ended up a fiddly job with a few legs slightly shorter than they should be. The end result isn't too bad and I like the static poses. Expensive (pricing pretty much the same as if they had been metal) I only discovered after I had painted them that I already had a Russian dragoon regiment with pink facings so these chaps had better be the St Petersburg regiment while the existing dragoons will be the Moscow dragoons, despite having gold buttons when they ought to be white. The St P regiment has yellow buttons. 

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