Thursday 17 October 2019

Saxons 1813

Eight battalions of line, plus two jaeger battalions. The plan is to add two grenadier battalions, but I'm not clear which "guard" figures to use. Strictly speaking they ought to be in shakos with plumes...?

Saxon foot and horse batteries are in another box.
All figures are Art M except for the jaegers (Zvezda)

Napoleonic building phase III

Eventually it gets to the point that one has to draw a line when painting/tarting up a model. This is phase III. There are imperfections, especially when you compare it to other more professional model makers and painters, but once it is placed on the table for Dennewitz next year, all those doubts should disappear.

Nearest building now glued into place.

Climbing creeper. Just need to paint over the glue marks. 

Then added some logs, a clock, some flock and the odd flower. 

Tuesday 15 October 2019

Painting a Napoleonic building. 1/72. Phase II

Admittedly this is taking time....

Varied roof colour....reddish brown/grey on the tower and one building while the solitary building is more of a grey slate. I expect this may not get finished for another few weeks yet.