Monday 27 May 2013

An excellent game at the weekend. Better and simpler scenario. Prussian victory though the French did the best they could. The French cavalry flanking moves worked well, but without horse artillery support ended up being toothless.

Prussian advance.
 French move to cross the river:
 French Dragoons begin their flanking move...
Prussian cavalry support the attack in the centre...
 The 1st and 10th French Hussars supported by line lancers and eclaireurs begin their flanking move on the right...
 Poles move to cross the river....
 Prussian landwehr brigade...with horse artillery support.
 French light cavalry brigade...
 Prussians in the centre....

Monday 13 May 2013

Starsfeld 1813

I ought to point out that had I thought properly about the scenario, then this fictional battle would have been better for those you took part. As it was the French cavalry were too strong and the Russians did not arrive in time. Enjoy the pictures.
The Prussian advance with Poles previously hidden behind the ridge.

Friday 3 May 2013

The latest scenery for the Battle of Starsfeld 1813. To be played on a 12 x 12 table in Berkshire, UK.

Worth pointing out some notes on the terrain. The teddy bear fur was bought from a company in Birmingham, then spray painted with emulsion pale green/yellow/brown/white to create the right effect. 80% of the fur needs to be trimmed off before you start.

Roads, trees, river, bridges, hedges, graveyard are all from Keith Warren in Dover, UK. Farmhouse in the distance and the church are both Faller products.
The remaining buildings, including the windmill, are from those nice chaps in Germany who are responsible for arguably the best napoleonic display ever seen...Croebern 1813.

So it is possible to create decent terrain on which to place your figures. However you will be left with a very large hole in your wallet.

This weekend it is Prussians and Russians vs French, Poles and Saxons.
80% of the figures will be metal. Mainly Newline for the infantry and Art Miniaturen for the cavalry, artillery and command.

Watch this space....will be fun.