Wednesday 20 May 2020

Prussian Army 1813 in 1/72 scale.

Most of the figures are Art Miniaturen, with Newline infantry and a few HaT jagers, being the only plastic representatives. The Prussian reserve infantry in their grey were interestingly the most enjoyable to paint and that includes the 2nd Pomeranian Landwehr cavalry. Total 2,300 figures.

Art miniaturen and painted by Dan Dunbar.

The heavy cavalry on the left will not
be making an appearance at Dennewitz

takes up most of the garden table!

2nd Pomeranian Landwehr cavalry.

Each unit has its own movement tray.

More quality work from Dan Dunbar.

Finally got round to basing these limbers and caissons. 

Maverick flags. 

Prussian reserve infantry. I enjoyed painting these. 

Prussian reserve
all boxed up in 14 10 litre really useful boxes.
 Even the lancers fit.

Thursday 14 May 2020

Napoleonic building 1/72

Courtesy of Jim Sharpe, I have now completed another 1/72 scale building to add to the mix for Dennewitz. (Decision of whether the game goes ahead will be made in a couple of weeks time.)

Prussian Garde du Corps officer with
ADC from 1st Lieb Hussars (Art M)

I ended up painting the building in quite bright tones/colours but I guess it needs to stand out. I still need to finish off the window furniture. This strong point will probably be in Gohlsdorf.

Some new fields, courtesy of Tony at Debris of War will also be on display. His first batch was impressive, so I have ordered some larger fields with more random shapes. These should sit nicely, perhaps with a bit of added weight underneath, on top of the teddy bear fur.

Prussians are now finished bar some jaegers that are due to come out from Art M imminently. To the original 43 battalions (predominantly Newline plus 4 battalions of HaT plastic jaegers which I want to replace with the Art M jaegers) we have added 2 Prussian Grenadier battalions (West Prussian and Silesian/SHQ), 7 reserve battalions (Art M), 14 Landwehr battalions (Art M), 2 Prussian fusilier battalions (Art M), 4 Prussian line battalions. (Art M). Total 29+43=72 battalions (1,728). (24 figs per battalion) Of the 72 battalions, 30 will be Landwehr or reserve. I will probably end up getting more Landwehr to shift the balance even more. Photos to come.