Friday 13 December 2019

New French and Saxon hussars by Art Miniaturen

Excellent news...due out in Jan 2020. 1/72. Perhaps these could be used as Bavarian, Polish, and French Honour Guard as well?

French hussars. The static position looks so much better.

French hussar

Saxon hussars. Will be interesting to see what the differences are
 between these  and the standard French hussars. Shako pompom?
He has used some poses from his Prussian and Russian hussar range. 

Tuesday 10 December 2019

Wurttemberg line infantry. 1813

These chaps arrived from Australia and the detail/piping is excellent. Newline Designs figures.

6 bns. Pink, yellow and blue facings. Likely to add another 6 bns in white, green and red facings to complete the division. Foot battery to come courtesy of Franznap. Command also to come from Franznap. Flags from Maverick models.

4 bns will appear at Dennewitz next year.

Monday 2 December 2019

Are movement trays for 20mm Napoleonics necessary?

It all depends on how much time you waste moving troops around and how large the battle is? Add to this, if you own and have painted the troops yourself and fear you or your clumsy friends you are playing with might damage them, then the adoption of movement trays becomes more convincing.

It is clear that if you want a fast wargame as most games have time constraints (dining table needed for dinner etc), and you enjoy large battles with lots of troops, and you treasure your figures, then having movement trays becomes a no brainer.

The next question is whether to buy ready made or make them yourself. The former option can be expensive so here is a suggested cheaper way, without requiring major work.

Flock in a large tub, infantry trays cut to suit the size of a unit.
Cavalry (left, 16 figs)) and infantry (right, 24 figs)

A4 size plasticard in dark brown (2mm thick) with balsa wood to stop the figures falling off. Balsa wood, for its weight is one of the strongest woods you can buy. Once glued to the plasticard it becomes strong but light.
Cavalry tray with balsa wood. The balsa wood has had a coat of standard
 green/brown emulsion paint added so the white of the wood is eradicated.
 This could be a lot darker than shown here.
cut balsa wood lengths first, then the side panels to fit inside.
 UHU dabbed on. Allow to dry. (30 mins)

Balsa wood cut to size and glued with UHU.
Copydex glue added and brushed on.
Then place the whole tray into the flock. Easiest method.
Allow to dry. (30 mins)

Notice there are still small gaps but these ensure you
do not waste plasticard if cut too small.
Yes...the cavalry standards are a little big, but I like to see them!

A 24 man infantry battalion had a card cut to size of 4.3" x 3". So an A4 sized plasticard will give you 8 movement trays.Allow a 2-3mm gap across and deep so when cutting the plasticard with a Stanley knife, you ensure the figures will fit. The flock will also cut down the space available.
Both the balsa wood and plasticard available from Steve at Arcane Scenery. (UK)