Tuesday 10 June 2014

Napoleonic 20mm game. 1813.

An excellent game was held in the barn with 20mm Napoleonic figures a couple of weeks ago.

5 objectives were to be fought over. A-E on the map. 29 x 6 table.

French strategy was to punch a hole in the centre, whilst the Allies had a more balanced deployment. A mixture of Prussian and Russian cavalry in the centre meant that the French assault had to be delayed.

The French right wing was made up of a weak Saxon Brigade and a weak cavalry brigade which proved no match for the Prussians.

The Russian right wing did not fancy their chances against a stronger French left wing made up of the 19th and 23rd Dragoon regiments with infantry support. The Russian Cossacks withdrew into the wood. As a result the village was easily taken by the French with hardly a shot being fired.

The cavalry clash in the middle decimated both sides but left the French weaker. With little cavalry where it mattered most, the French advance in the centre, spearheaded by the Young Guard and Polish brigades, could not be exploited. It all ground to a halt when the Allied cavalry threatened.

The French Old Guard, when they finally did appear, were also unable to take the farm as Russian Lubny and Soum Hussars controlled the gap in the French deployment.

In the end, a marginal Allied victory.

Prussian Cuirassiers and Dragoons are deployed.

Russian Dragoons with support from line Cuirassiers and Hussars of the Guard.

 Guard Cuirassiers.

 Lubny and Soum Hussars



Russian infantry in the centre.

French Dragoons on the right wing.

The Bavarians, with two whole brigades, did little of note throughout the battle.

French Cuirassiers and Carabiniers in the centre

The 2nd French Dragoons await instructions.

French lancers and Hussars begin to move forward.
 French infantry. Note the figures on the left are in fact plastic (Zvezda)

 Bavarian light infantry watch the lancers ride past.

 The Polish brigade begins its advance.

The French heavy cavalry prepare to take on the Russians in the distance.

Saxon infantry and a foot battery.

Russian Lubny and Soum hussars.

Eclaireur Young Guard cavalry, Polish lancers and Guard Dragoons advance.

Russian infantry enter the farm complex.

Prussian infantry in square.

Prussian Dragoons.

Prussian Cuirassiers.

Russian Soum hussars.

The Old Guard halt and form square.

Polish infantry spearheading the breakthrough.

Bavarians not doing much.

French Dragoons

Russian right wing fall back into the wood.