Thursday 25 April 2019

Hesse Darmstadt artillery and limber

Artillery traces done on the new Hesse-D artillery/limber. Please note the epaulettes are wrong....but hey ho.

Run out of howitzers so these 6lbs will have to do. 

Two battalions of Young Guard will shortly be coming back from Australia having been painted by Dan Dunbar. Will post his work once they arrive.

Tuesday 9 April 2019

Lutzen 1813. Hesse-Darmstadt infantry and artillery.

Managed to finish off 2 regiments of Hesse Darmstadt infantry to add to Marchand's Division for Lutzen. These figures were left overs from the laborious French line infantry re-do last year so these had been painted poorly as French line infantry so it made sense to paint them as something else...just something a little more interesting. Did take longer than expected. Two battalions (yellow facings) feature Hagen grenadiers and voltigeurs, which fit perfectly with the Art Miniaturen figures alongside. 

I think the 2nd battalions had flags as well, but I have decided
 to leave them out, opting for just one flag per regiment.
The foot artillery figures have also been done but with red epaulettes which is incorrect but the only figures I have, have epaulettes, so hey ho.  I'll either use French or Austrian guns as I appear to have run out of Prussian Art M guns. The limber will be Prussian. The guns and limber will be pale blue/grey. The riders (just visible) are the Art M Austrian riders with funny hats. 
The Baden infantry in this Division will have to be made up from my existing Bavarians as I do not possess any Baden figures. 

Hagen grenadiers and voltigeurs, to the left and right.