Friday 2 October 2020

Painting Napoleonic Austrian infantry.

So many options when choosing how best to paint the white on Austrian infantry uniforms. This method appears to be an improvement from the more bland approach which I did years back, while trying to keep it clean and avoiding that muddy look. For 20mm and 15mm, the figures can become too easily lost on the table if the white is not pure white. Undercoat in this instance is Rustoleum matt black, which interestingly gives a satin finish, ideal for the shako. I've tried to leave a gap in the collar which stays black. Vallejo London grey (sometimes mixed with black) is the next layer, and then pure white for the highlights and cross belts etc. Some figures have the darker mix while others a lighter mix to vary the look. Maybe worth experimenting with a white or even grey undercoat, but these seem ok.
This is one way....there are dozens of other methods. Definition of what you enjoy and do it to the best of one's Aristotle once said....or so I learnt the other day. 

The white has to stand out from the darker tones even if
Austrian infantry did not, strictly speaking, wear white coats.
For 25mm and 28mm figures, the off-white 
approach can be more appealing.

Pure pink for the facings in this instance.

The 11th Regiment stands out slightly
more than their pals next door. Art Miniaturen 20mm. 

4 figures to a 3cm x 3cm base.
32 figures in each of these 4 battalions.