Thursday 24 August 2017

Napoleonic Art Miniaturen, Franznap and Hagen Miniatures

At last some more Napoleonics off the shelf. These are a combination of Art Miniaturen, Franznap and Hagen Miniatures.

Hagen M provided the artillery riders and if you order from them, they will send their "headless" riders, coupled with a huge range of different headgear to suit different eras. This means that almost every rider can offer a unique pose and the insertion of the head into the body was very simple to do. Hence a few covered shakos.

The Bavarian artillery riders were created using Franznap bodies (with the grey overcoat) and SHQ heads. All the horses were Art Miniaturen Prussian artillery horses. These static positions look, in my humble opinion, better then those provided by Franznap…just slightly chunkier, but getting the Franznap rider (Bavarian artillery rider) onto the Art M horse was less easy. It barely fits so the steel blade was needed.

The French Guard chasseurs a cheval are from Art M. I added a pelisse to the officer commanding.

Guard limbers and caissons. Two horse artillery limbers still to do.

Blue/grey shakos according to the Histoire and Collection series
 for the 1813 period.  The traces took….ages and still need touching up. The foot limbers
 in the distance (one with grey horses) all have black shakos or covered shakos.

French Chasseurs a Cheval

Bavarian limbers and one (Art M Austrian) ammo wagon. I've added
the wurst element as they look funkier with this attachment, though strictly
 speaking incorrect if  it is just supposed to be a limber.
Prussian jaeger skirmisher stands mentioned in previous posts.