Thursday 24 November 2016

Top 10 Christmas wish list for Art Miniaturen to consider.

Art Miniaturen have a comprehensive range of Napoleonics and are constantly extending their products.

If there was a wish list for this Christmas, it would be this:

  1. French line mounted chasseurs. (static). This appears to be work in process. Bearing in mind this type of cavalry was (together with the dragoons) the most numerous, it is a surprise that so few manufacturers focus on it.
  2. French artillery limber riders. Art M have done them in the past but Franznap do them and now do riders in greatcoats which is a welcome addition. 
  3. Russian line infantry. (standing) 
  4. Bavarian mounted cheveuxleger. (static) Like their Austrian light cavalry recently produced these chaps could be painted in either white for the dragoons or green for the cheveuxleger.
  5. Austrian mounted hussars. (static) Franznap presently fill this gap.
  6. Austrian mounted uhlans. (static) Franznap presently fill this gap.
  7. Russian light infantry. (skirmishing)
  8. Russian Guard infantry. (static)
  9. Cossack artillery figures. (something different)
  10. Russian foot and horse artillery limber riders. (dragoon helmet for the horse)
Clearly the Prussian and Austrian ranges are the most complete, but Russian infantry would be really welcome. Especially as their range offers some excellent Russian cavalry and artillery.

Let's see what happens.