Friday 22 November 2019

Best Art Miniaturen pose?

The latest Art Miniaturen Dragoon figures contain one particular pose that says everything about Art Miniaturen. Someone who understands what a natural pose, in this instance of a trooper sitting on a horse, should look like. Sculpting the rider with the saddle has clear benefits in this respect. It can be frustrating trying to squeeze a rider onto a horse where there is a gap beneath the poor chap's bum that just won't close. Art M continue to lead the pack when it comes to 20mm/1/72 scale while the same could be said for AB at the 15mm/18mm scale.

These two regiments, the 1st Konigin/Queens and 3rd Lithuanian, can only really be told apart by the different standard (have arrived from Maverick Models and on the to do list) and the marginal difference in facing colours and buttons. For facing colours, Vallejo scarlet for the Lithuanians while for the 1st regiment, Vallejo carmine was used. Vallejo azure blue mixed with a little black for the coats, and plain azure blue for the highlights. Pure white for the webbing.

The 2nd Neumark Landwehr from before, at the front. (no standard)

Tuesday 19 November 2019

Dennewitz 1813 map. Prussian dragoons.

The table layout will have two 12' x 6'5" tables plus an additional table of 9' x 5' to cover Rohrbeck and Juteborg in an L shape. Entry points from A-L also placed. There will be seven villages, woods and four "hills" even though it seems the countryside was rolling and the only hill that seems to get a meaningful mention is the one to the NE of Nieder-Gorsdorf. The rules do not allow for a road bonus so the only roads that will feature will be those illustrating the direction of march of Ney's army.  The immediate area around Dennewitz is likely to be congested with both troops and players but that is difficult to avoid. There will be just over 3,000 20mm Napoleonic troops, some of which are still being painted both in the UK, and in Australia by Dan Dunbar.

Most of the research has come from Thierry Louchet's article written in French in 2014. The detailed maps and OOB are more easily understood than the language barrier.

Game to be held in the barn in June 2020.

Dennewitz 1813 map and table layout.

Prussian dragoons. 1st and 3rd regiments.
(Konigin/Queens and the Lithuanian dragoons)

Wednesday 6 November 2019

2nd Neumark Landwehr Cavalry.

Initially the pennants were going to be white over black but it seems the standardisation from using the facing colour really only happened well after 1813 so for 1813 itself I have reverted back to red over black. Slightly brighter red than normal to ensure the colour stands out. Enjoyed painting these Art M figures which will feature at Dennewitz next year. Tempted to get another couple of batches to paint as Pomeranian Landwehr cavalry and Kurmark Landwehr cavalry.

Prussian K├Ânigin (crimson facings) and Lithuanian Dragoons (red facings) to come next. (These will be added to the existing Brandenburg and Pomeranian Dragoons.)

nearly finished with white over black. 

More or less finished but now with red over black.

French half naked and naked engineers to be added to the
pontoon diorama which featured in an earlier post.