Wednesday 11 November 2020

Napoleonic Austrian infantry from Art Miniaturen 1/72.

 Now completed 6 battalions (3 regiments) of Austrian (German) line infantry. I think they were the 1st, 11th and 17th Regiments. Also 2 battalions of Austrian (Hungarian) line infantry. "Shocking pink" facings according to Funken but red according to other sources....of the 52nd regiment which should have yellow buttons rather than white. No matter.  Plus 2 Landwehr battalions supporting the 11th and 17th Regiments. 

320 figures in all. 10 battalions of 32 figures in each battalion.

The Hungarian trousers are a bit bright for my liking and the grey undercoat a little too dark for the coat, but they stand out better when painted in this way. 

The Hungarian Art Miniaturen figures had 10 different standing poses excluding the NCO with musket at the horizontal and excluding the command figures. Excellent variation from Art M. 

I included a Hagen officer in the Austrian 1st Regiment, with his arm raised.

Flags courtesy of Maverick models.

Not all the figures are facing forwards.

The Landwehr have a mixture of head dress.
Some have facings matching their parent unit, some do not.
Mixture of white and black webbing.
 One Hagen figure has a scythe and another a firearm over his shoulder. 
No flags. 

Hagen officer. 

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