Wednesday 16 December 2020

Art Miniaturen Hungarian infantry. 1/72

 Two more Hungarian battalions to add to the mix. (blue facings) (64 figures)

12 Battalions of Austrians. All Art miniaturen 1/72 scale. (384 figures)

6 bns Austrians, 4 bns Hungarians and 2 bns of Landwehr. 

I will endeavour to paint a further 2 bns of Austrians, 2 more Hungarians and 2 more Landwehr. (192 figures) so the total added with eventually be 576 figures, of 18 battalions.

Unfortunately close ups like this reveal a
 remarkable lack of skill when it comes to the painting!

Better when they are all in a box
and viewed from further away!

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