Monday, 17 August 2020

Dennewitz 6th Sept 1813

 Ironically this game was postponed from June but will go ahead on the 5th and 6th September, the 6th September being the anniversary. 

Who was to blame...Ney or Napoleon for the French defeat? My take, for what it is worth, is that they are both culpable. Napoleon promised Ney support in the form of the Guard and knowing he was was delayed, Napoleon should have sent runners ahead telling Ney to stop and wait. Ney equally should have made sure Napoleon was in support, and should have had his Corps in a triangle or diamond shape instead of being strung out along a single road, with each Corps 2 hours marching distance apart. Once Ney was checked at Dennewitz (the same day that Napoleon set off in support) his troops were not in a position to react to the situation he faced. Had they been in a diamond formation and closer, the Prussian surprise could have been turned into an historic victory. As it was this battle could have gone either way and I hope to replicate that balance. L shaped tables are in position and total 18 feet from north to south and 17 feet across from east to west. 

The map below shows the topography with the road to Berlin running through Dennewitz from south to north (bottom to top) Further maps, including starting positions, will be uploaded after the battle together with an OOB. Commanders are not this time being given advance warning of when and where their units will arrive.

Dennewitz 6th Sept 1813.
French direction of movement from entry point A.

Over 3,000 1/72 figures will soon all be tabbed up. Most are Art Miniaturen, with some Newline Prussian infantry. 

Nations on display will be Prussian, Russian, French, Italian, Saxon, Bavarian, Wurttemberg, and Wurzburg. No Swedes...sorry!

Really looking forward to welcoming the small but dedicated crew to the barn for an interesting game. 

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