Friday, 14 August 2020

Bavarian Hussars 1813. Art Miniaturen

 Using the Art Miniaturen Saxon Hussars, these are pretty much identical. The horse furniture being the same which makes them a closer fit than trying to convert French hussars. 

The blue was a ended up with standard blue (vallejo 70.925) plus Magic blue (V 72.021) and Pastel blue (V 70.901) with a little back for the base colour. Seems to look ok. So many sources have such a variation. Pure white so the figures stand out. I still use one Humbrol colour religiously....the flesh. Burnt umber and parasite brown make an excellent undercoat on the face (I don't bother doing this for the hands) and then Humbrol matt 61 flesh for the highlights on the face. 

Doesn't look as though the Art M Prinz Clemens regiment (Saxon) will be ready on time (for Dennewitz on the 5th and 6th September) so will have to wait for Jorg to produce them.

Next up with be another Garde d'Honneur regiment. Perhaps the 2nd or 3rd regiment.

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