Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Lutzen 1813 countdown

Tables and terrain are being prepared now for this battle on the 8/9th June. We have two 12' foot x 3' foot tables sitting side by side with slate down a small 5 inch gap down the middle to allow for a 6' 5" playing width, about the maximum we can get away with. At each end are two ping pong tables measuring 9' x 5' and to the rear, there are two detachable 12' x 3' tables. Behind them tables for reserves. Pictured above also is the new water mill which stands out from the other, duller German buildings. I may have to spruce up the others with some brighter and stronger colours.  Teddy bear fur being used to its maximum!

Being May 1813, I ought to scrap the haystacks and wheat fields.....
Table layout and terrain being added.
Leaf blower to clean the floor!

Just trees from Realistic Modelling Services (aka Keith Warren) to add along with lots of 20mm figures. It is such a shame that Keith no longer operates and the quality of this graveyard pictured below, is testimony to how good his work was.

Graveyard from Keith Warren.

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