Monday, 13 May 2019

German water mill 1813 and French Imperial Staff in 1/72

A beautifully crafted building arrived last week and little time has been lost in trying to paint it. The height of the roof line is 12cm and fits perfectly with the Art Miniaturen figures shown (20mm). This was made to order. The criteria I provided was fairly simple....German water mill circa 1813, 12cm height for the roof and should have a wheel! That was it and the rest was left to artistic licence but James has produced a gem. So I have commissioned a further larger fortified series of buildings and tower. The only question mark will be whether I paint it or not.

Napoleon and his staff ride past the water mill.

I still need to finish off some details including door furniture, window detail and will add some flock and foliage to the base. The under coat was dark brown for the roof and black for the rest. A bit of both.

French Imperial staff.

Will feature at Lutzen for sure on the 8/9th June as will the new French Imperial staff...just waiting for the MDF base.

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