Thursday, 19 March 2015

Two good reasons why 20mm is the best scale for Napoleonics.

The debate as to what scale is the most interesting/suitable/relevant/works best etc for Napoleonics will go on for ever. Personally I think there are two good reasons why 20mm works best…

One is for the simple look of the figures on the table. One can marvel at the detail without the need to squint or bend down as though trying to make oneself better understood to a 4 year old child. Even with the 18mm AB figures I struggle to see what is what. Large formations of 28mm figures would require a table of gigantic proportions and frankly I think the overall look of 28mm can appear a little ridiculous. A little like those budget war movies made in the early 1980s where a battalion of infantry was represented by about two dozen extras. Just doesn't work.

The second reason is just as important. This scale allows the correct artillery firing ranges to be used on a 12' x 6' table. The ranges for 25mm and most certainly for 28mm are distorted to allow a playable game on a 6' wide table. For 20mm this need not be the case…

It remains to be seen if the French 2nd Hussars and Polish Krakus Cossacks (from Art Miniaturen) will be a match for the Austrian Cuirassiers. (also Art Miniaturen) Campaign map also shown.

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  1. Ahh you see Francis, that's from your own point of view from your own eyesight, to me AB detail is no problem to pick out. I must agree that 20mm figures look great, i know a guy who is a WW2 figure sculptor who planned to do Naps in resin, he cast a few items up, one being Napoleon in 20mm and it was beautiful, right on par with AB and if he had proceeded with the range I would have seriously considered 20mm Naps. I still have a Napoleon he sculpted, he's Awesome.