Wednesday 23 September 2020

Austrian Hohenlohe Regiment. 1813. Art Miniaturen 20mm.

 Two battalions (flags still to do) representing the Hohenlohe regiment. I plan to add a Landwehr battalion with similar brown facings. Excluding the command, there are approx 8 or 9 different poses, which for a 32 man battalion with 4 figures on 3cm x 3cm bases, offers great variation. All static poses.

There are another 4 static battalions to do, plus Landwehr. Then a further brigade in marching positions. Hoping to represent the majority of my Austrians as Art Miniaturen figures, in the longer term.

La Rothiere 1814 for next year? Quite possibly, but not confirmed yet. my previous post re Dennewitz 1813, and apologies to those on TMP who appear confused, the figures are not AB 18mm but 20mm Art M and Newline D.

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