Tuesday 16 June 2020

Napoleonic game. circa 1813.

Single day game held at the weekend with a much reduced number of people attending as Dennewitz has had to be postponed till lockdown eases.

4 Divisions of infantry on both sides. French (2), Italians (1) and Saxons (1) vs 4 Prussian Divisions.

One reserve brigade of infantry on both sides could be deployed anywhere along the back line from move 2 onwards. The French had 4 battalions of YG and 2 battalions of Middle Guard plus 2 regiments of Guard light cavalry, which they deployed on move 2 in the centre to plug a serious gap in the line. The Prussians decided to deploy their reserve (6 battalions of Guard) plus two regiments of cavalry also in the centre but it would take time for Prussian units in more forward positions to clear the way. As it was the Prussian Guard made an impact but very late in the day.

The Prussians on the left flank and centre left, without these vital reserves, were always going to find it hard going and so it proved. Their attempt to take the objectives held by the Saxons failed and once the cream of the cavalry they did have, were wiped out, the French effectively rolled up the Prussian left flank and centre left. 

The Prussian right flank held on well against the Italian Division and with some carefully sited horse artillery made the Italians fall back. However, the Italian brigades remained in tact and had the Italians had some better cavalry (the ones they had had a -1 general and consistently failed the brigade test) their attack may have been more successful. 

So by lunchtime, the Prussians had incurred considerably more casualties and it looked a done deal. However, after lunch the Prussians in the centre and centre right finally began to make headway with superior numbers. 

By the end it was only a marginal French victory by only 2 points. Largely because the Prussians lost 4 whole brigades while the French only lost 1. Objectives on the ground were fairly evenly spread.

Thank you to those who came along.

Photos show the starting positions. (no photos for the end....)

Saxon infantry moving forward to protect their objectives

French moving up to secure a strong point.

Italian Division.

34' table length. Saxons can be seen
 in the foreground on the left.

3rd Silesian landwehr and
 1st Pomeranian landwehr.

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