Monday 19 August 2019

How important is terrain?

We spend time painting our figures and time working on a playable rule set but the third ingredient to a successful war-game is the terrain. After all, surely the whole spectacle should look good....yes?

A bright green cloth with out of scale buildings and trees, are all too common. Time working on the terrain must be worthwhile.

First attempt....and bar a few errors.....not too dispirited.

Ploughed field and wall example.

Steel base. Heavy (downside) but won't warp (upside)
 Ploughed field from Noch railway accessories.
Dry stone wall bought on Ebay. Pollyfiller (white)
The bank on the extreme left was cut polystyrene., partially covered in pollyfiller. 
Painted over in a dark brown. The ploughed field needed little in the way of additions.
Saxon jagers. Wall still needs to be toned down so the
starkness looks more like the left hand side.
Add glue (copydex) and flock. (pre mixed)
Might place a gate in the gap in the wall.

The odd tuft....wall still to do.

Saxon command (Art Miniaturen)

 French engineers working on a pontoon example. I sourced two pre cut mdf bases.

Standard MDF from Ebay. 
Is pollyfiller the right answer?
No idea....but seems to work well. 
One side has a larger bank of earth. 

Gabions added. These were plastic and bought on Ebay.
Had I not painted these ages ago, I would
 have spray painted the whole lot in dark brown. 
Different browns with a little green.
A feeling of water....mud.
Flock and figures to add.
Mdf base with a river section (Ebay) glued on top. and then cut to fit.
Pollyfiller added for texture. 
Painted green and brown. Dark blue/green for the river.

Stage arranging, vital to avoid errors and changes of heart, before finishing touches.
Figures are all Franznap. These are excellent castings.

Some villajo "mud" added, with the figures glued on and then flocked.
Match sticks added for posts next to the pontoon. I might add some rope to link these.
Two figures are loose. The figure of the pontoon with the vertical
plank of wood and the figure on top of the cart holding a plank also.
 I was concerned that these figures would be too tall to fit into a really useful 10 litre box.
When these engineers are on the move, there will be three train wagons (equipment, pontoon, planks of wood)
 and when in situ the two dioramas will appear. That's the idea anyway.

Rope now added. Described as rigging rope on Ebay. 

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