Tuesday 31 January 2017

20mm French line infantry and 20mm Bavarian Cheveuxleger

Asking a professional painter to paint 1,000 French line infantry was perhaps doomed to fail. The photo shows some of the better little chaps as opposed to some that were returned spray painted black and that was it. Needless to say I think the whole task was beyond him sadly so I have 1,000 French line infantry to work on and have been for the last 6 months…on and off. It is a tough task. These Art Miniaturen figures will look great at the end. Sending finished samples of what I hoped would be the finished product was still not sufficient. I knew trouble was brewing when he started chatting about the pom poms and basing and had only taken possession of the figures for a couple of weeks. Many figures, in greatcoats, were returned with collars and cuffs painted so some work had to be undone. Some professional painters will do a decent job and some will not. I think I was just unlucky. 

I think I should have been more specific…my fault entirely.
 Not many 20mm manufacturers do Bavarian light cavalry justice. Art Miniaturen do not do them. HaT's attempts are below standard. These chaps were sourced from a collective website in Germany…Hagen Miniatures. Great poses. Size very comparable to Art M but all had arms and scabbards that required gluing on which was a pain and time consuming. Again, these will look great once finished. (in green)
The Hagen Miniatures from Germany.
Bavarian 20mm cheveuxleger.

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