Thursday, 7 July 2016

Napoleonic 20mm game due this weekend

French vs Prussians. Even sides. 3 Infantry Divisions (2 brigades in each) plus 4 foot batteries. (1 heavy battery) with 2 Cavalry Divisions. (2 brigades of 2 regiments per brigade)

So….less troops but a large table (22 x 6) to allow plenty of manoeuvre.

Map set out by the umpire. Figures will be predominantly Art Miniaturen and Newline.

Photos to come...


  1. Only just found your site (following a link from General Picton's excellent blog). I am looking forward to reading through all of your old posts, but I have a quick question - do you use modern plastic 1/72, or do you prefer to concentrate on newline/Art Minaturen? And if so, is there a philosophy at work - I would be interested to know.



  2. I do have a fairly large quantity of plastics but have gradually switched to 20mm/1/72 lead. But manufacturers of 20mm lead are thin on the ground. Hat have some good products and also some poor ones. Zvezda have some excellent 1/72 Napoleonic sets, especially the French and Russian artillery. Newline infantry and Art Miniaturen cavalry sit well side by side. Overall though I am trying to phase out my plastics unless they have a role e.g. Zvezda's French light infantry painted as Saxon light infantry…BW

  3. That's interesting. I am a big fan of the plastics, but have recently started buying Francsco's Franznap range more and more, as I find his work very clean (he obviouslystarted out modifying Italeri figures and horses). I have found Newline to be too small (20mm rather than 1/72) so have use SHQ/Kennington for command figures ec, and they fit my plastics really well. So I guess the Art Miniaturen must be slightly smaller than a lot of plastics - especially the Zvezda which are giants :-)