Thursday 8 October 2015

Art Miniaturen

Art Miniaturen are arguably the best manufacturer of 20mm Napoleonics. A decision to buy up large quantities of infantry was not taken lightly bearing in mind the cost but the variation of poses and quality of the sculpts make Art M head and shoulders above the rest and make such a purchase a sound investment.

The latest figures to be painted are a brigade of Hungarian line infantry and another of grenadiers (the blue breeches contrast well with the yellow facings). 400 figures in total,  and some Pavlograd Russian Hussars. The turquoise makes these chaps stand out. A Cossack aide to the command stand. Plus of course those essential movement trays!

Some Grodno Russian Hussars (dark blue/light blue facings) have also been finished. Photo to come. Austrian infantry and French infantry yet to come. Introducing limbers will also be a heavy investment but important for the look of the table top. Franznap will be providing the French limbers and Art M the Prussian/Austrian ones.

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  1. Very natural looking figures. I have ordered a few for myself.