Monday 10 August 2015

Prussians and Austrians vs French and Poles (and Saxons) 1813

The Allied army consisted of one infantry brigade of Hungarians, three Prussian infantry brigades, an Austrian heavy cavalry brigade and a large mixture of Prussian cavalry. Three foot batteries and two horse batteries. The number of model guns for a foot battery has been increased to 3….looks better and represents the larger space occupied by such a unit. Such large games are not limber friendly but this will be sorted eventually.

The French had a similar sized force. The allies decided early to attack on the their right and centre and ignore what was going on the other side of the stream. The French dominated the flank the other side of the stream but this was not the sector where the battle would be won or lost.

The Allies began by launching a massive cavalry assault in the centre and on their right, which succeeded in masking the infantry assault where some units would able to approach the French lines with barely a casualty.

In the end the French Guard could not withstand the Prussian Guard and lost the central hill. The Saxons crumbled quickly. Losses were high on both sides but a draw in the Allies favour was the agreed result.

The table was 12 x 6 foot. Another game is being lined up for the 23rd August which should be a larger affair and on a 17 x 6 table. All the cavalry figures were Art Miniaturen as was the majority of the artillery. Most of the infantry is still Newline Designs. (bar the Austrian Hungarian brigade….which was Art Miniaturen….the best 20mm Napoleonic figures available.)

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  1. Looks absolutely stunning Francis!!! Well done the allies!!!