Monday, 12 September 2016

Napoleonic armies ready to go.

Trying to create evenly matched sides is a little tricky, especially where the larger Austrian battalions are involved.

Hopefully there will be one large Austrian Div (3 brigades) and three smaller Prussian Divisions (each of 2 brigades) The French will have a similar number of brigades in total, including a Polish Div (2 brigades), a Bavarian Div (2 brigades), two brigades of YG, one brigade of OG, and two French line brigades. The French (largely because of the Poles) will be of better quality so I have given the Allies an extra Prussian light cavalry brigade and an extra Prussian foot battery. Any excuse to get more limbers on the table.

Game commences Sunday.

Bav Div

The Jorg Schilling OG figures sit well with other 1/72 scale figures.

Virtually all the cavalry are Art Miniaturen.

The Art Miniaturen Austrian Div. Three brigades of German line,
Hungarian line and Hungarian Grenadiers. Facings for each brigade were
 painted the same. I think too many sub units of varying facings breaks up "the look".

Art Miniaturen Austrian cavalry as either dragoons or cheveuxleger.

Austrian artillery limbers with whips and traces. The traces on the inside
line were less easy to fix, so I glued one line of horses, to the base, at a time. 

The inside line of traces are now fitted for the Prussian artillery as well.

I have substituted the standard Austrian horse artillery limber
 for the Franznap Austrian version. Something different. 

Franznap horses but Hat riders with converted heads for Guard riders.
Plastic and metal can mix! Less keen on the brittle traces.

Franznap French limbers with riders.


  1. Excellent work, what are the traces for the limbers made of?

  2. Art Miniaturen provide the wire when you order their limbers. I reckon they "twist" it so that it resembles rope. It comes in a bright green colour which just needs a tan/brown undercoat, and then an off white dry coat applied on top. Each strip is measured and then cut with a sharp knife and glued into position. No idea where Art Miniaturen get the wire from….excellent stuff though.

    1. Great thanks, doesn't seem you can order it separately unfortunately.

  3. Wow what an incredible collection Francis, spectacular display of troops!!!

  4. Thanks Paul. If only they were painted as well as your napoleonics!