Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Prussian Army 1813 in 1/72 scale.

Most of the figures are Art Miniaturen, with Newline infantry and a few HaT jagers, being the only plastic representatives. The Prussian reserve infantry in their grey were interestingly the most enjoyable to paint and that includes the 2nd Pomeranian Landwehr cavalry. Total 2,300 figures.

Art miniaturen and painted by Dan Dunbar.

The heavy cavalry on the left will not
be making an appearance at Dennewitz

takes up most of the garden table!

2nd Pomeranian Landwehr cavalry.

Each unit has its own movement tray.

More quality work from Dan Dunbar.

Finally got round to basing these limbers and caissons. 

Maverick flags. 

Prussian reserve infantry. I enjoyed painting these. 

Prussian reserve
all boxed up in 14 10 litre really useful boxes.
 Even the lancers fit.

Thursday, 14 May 2020

Napoleonic building 1/72

Courtesy of Jim Sharpe, I have now completed another 1/72 scale building to add to the mix for Dennewitz. (Decision of whether the game goes ahead will be made in a couple of weeks time.)

Prussian Garde du Corps officer with
ADC from 1st Lieb Hussars (Art M)

I ended up painting the building in quite bright tones/colours but I guess it needs to stand out. I still need to finish off the window furniture. This strong point will probably be in Gohlsdorf.

Some new fields, courtesy of Tony at Debris of War will also be on display. His first batch was impressive, so I have ordered some larger fields with more random shapes. These should sit nicely, perhaps with a bit of added weight underneath, on top of the teddy bear fur.

Prussians are now finished bar some jaegers that are due to come out from Art M imminently. To the original 43 battalions (predominantly Newline plus 4 battalions of HaT plastic jaegers which I want to replace with the Art M jaegers) we have added 2 Prussian Grenadier battalions (West Prussian and Silesian/SHQ), 7 reserve battalions (Art M), 14 Landwehr battalions (Art M), 2 Prussian fusilier battalions (Art M), 4 Prussian line battalions. (Art M). Total 29+43=72 battalions (1,728). (24 figs per battalion) Of the 72 battalions, 30 will be Landwehr or reserve. I will probably end up getting more Landwehr to shift the balance even more. Photos to come.

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Wurttemberg Jägers 1813.

Three skirmisher stands of 9 figures from Hagen. One of the figures is standing bolt upright to attention (in the far distance) so seems out of kilter from the others on display. The figures are also quite large even by 20mm standards but at least they are supposed to be Wurttemberg Jägers and so will accompany the other Wurttemberg units for Dennewitz. These chaps appear to have been highly rated at the time.

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Saxon Hussars 1813 in 20mm

Courtesy of Art Miniaturen we have the new addition of a regiment of Saxon Hussars. The officer's saddle cloth was simply too complicated to paint properly so he ended up with the same as the rest. Varied trouser colours ranging from grey to brown. Variation of the covered shako also. These will be added to von Lindenhau's brigade of cavalry for Dennewitz.

There ought to be the Prinz Clemens regiment as well but I am struggling to find figures that will work. (shako, lance, pointed saddle cloth all combine to make this really difficult in 20mm in metal)

One possible solution is to buy the Franznap headless light cavalry figures with cloaks and add arms and lances. Very fiddly so not very keen.

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

2nd Pomeranian Landwehr Cavalry 1813

Now added a third regiment (2nd Pomeranian) to the others already recently completed. Grey with white facings and red shoulder tabs. Each officer has a different headgear. This officer has brown trousers rather than the usual grey....just to mix it up a bit.

The brown for 60% of this regiment's horses was achieved with Villajo burnt umber as the undercoat with a more liquid Parasite brown (72.042) on top. Seems very effective.

Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Prussian Landwehr Cavalry 1813.

Art Miniaturen 20mm figures painted as the 1st Silesian (yellow facings) and the 1st Pomeranian (white facings) circa 1813.
Next up will be the 2nd Pomeranian Landwehr cavalry which will be in grey, white collar and cuffs and red shoulder tabs. All in preparation for Dennewitz in June 2020.

1st Silesian Landwehr Cavalry with painted
 cross on the covered shako. Yellow cuffs and white shoulder tabs.
White over yellow pennant.

1st Pomeranian Landwehr Cavalry without the painted
white cross (just couldn't be bothered!)Red stripe on the
upper edge of the collar.  Should have been on the lower edge....sorry!
White over black pennant. 

Friday, 10 January 2020

Wurttemberg foot artillery 12lb

Latest addition completed courtesy of Franznap and Art Miniaturen. I choose to use the Art Miniaturen guns, horses, limber and caisson so I could use the Art Miniaturen traces which look so authentic. The riders are Franznap and while they are a tad small compared to the artillery horses, this is barely noticeable.
Artillery gunners are all Franznap as are the two command bases. The third command base (Div commander) is a mixture of Hagen and Art Miniaturen.

If this had been horse artillery I would have chosen Franznap across all the elements as the limber/caisson is different.

The Franznap artillery gunners have an excellent range of poses.

Ready for Dennewitz in June.