Monday, 22 August 2016

Newline and Art Miniaturen compared.

Forget for a moment that the Newline figures are not particularly well painted and that I should have perhaps focused more on the horses, but the picture below demonstrates some of the basic differences between the Newline and Art Miniaturen figures.

The top row are Newline Austrian riders for the artillery limbers. The middle row are Art Miniaturen Austrian riders for the artillery limbers while the last row are Austrian riders for the artillery caissons/baggage/wagons etc. (post 1812 as I think they had darker uniforms prior to this point)

The Art Miniaturen figures are slightly larger but on a large table not drastically noticeable. The Newline pose variation is limited, while the Art M variations are excellent. This added to the addition of the riders' whips make the Art M figures a cut above Newline.

In fact the main problem between the two manufacturers is the quality of the horses which I referred to earlier. The Newline horses have limited poses and are ponies rather than horses. When these are finished I will try and make this point more clearly demonstrated.

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  1. Be interesting to see the horses, as we have a shared view on these I think. But LOVE the AM whips - cannot believe they cast them like that (or do you have to glue wire on separately?)