Monday, 18 July 2016

Napoleonic limbers

Games without the use of artillery limbers are often felt to be missing something. Hence the introduction of limbers in the near future. However, painting numerous horses takes patience. It will also help to represent the depth of the average battery once deployed.

Below are the Prussian limbers, each with its own movement tray. The rope (malleable wire) provided by Art Miniaturen looks much more realistic than the more brittle and fixed length pieces provided by Franznap for the French artillery. These ropes pictured, each had to be cut into the correct length and glued into position after the limber and horses were finished and based. Very fiddly but overall I am pleased with the outcome.

I appreciate that Prussian batteries had eight guns and each limber had six horses but I am keen to make it easier for war gamers to distinguish between their foot and horse batteries, so four horses seems enough for the horse teams. Bearing in mind the horse artillery is represented by 2 model guns, these smaller limbers sit nicely just behind, occupying the same width.

Russian and Austrian limbers are in the process of being painted but will take a while. I may well end up using the Prussian riders (painted green) to fill in for the Russian riders as Art M do not at present provide any Russian limber riders. Just not too sure about the covered shako for the Russians.


  1. Beautiful Work. I tried doing something similar with an Austrian battery. Yours looks nicer. Thanks for sharing

  2. That's impressive. So often we forget that a battery had lots of limbers, caissons and wagons and dozens of horses behind it . A beautiffully painted traffic jam here.