Wednesday, 19 August 2015

How important is terrain when trying to add realism?

For some, not very. They would be perfectly happy shuffling around bits of card denoting units rather than focusing on what the whole spectacle looks like. For me, what the game looks like is just as important as the quality of the rules, how well the figures are painted and how genial the players are that turn up. It is all part of one package, and too many Napoleonic gamers turn a blind eye to the scenery. Cost is often cited as one reason. In the UK there are too few businesses devoted to such a past time. Most of the terrain in the following photos have been expertly produced by a chap called Keith based down in Dover. His business (Realistic Modelling Services) will be ceasing soon which is a great shame though he intends to retain the production of his excellently sculpted trees. The pictures do the rest….the 20mm figures will be added to the 17 x 6 table after this weekend.

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  1. Lovely terrain Francis, sad the chap is given it up. I wish I had the time to concentrate on terrain. I get edgy when I move away from painting figures to concentrate on terrain.