Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Lutzen 2nd May 1813.

Happy to report that we will be re-fighting Lutzen 1813 at the barn on the 8/9th June 2019. We have 15 players with some still to finalise their plans. Table size will be approx 22 x 6.5 feet. We will be using approx 4,300 20mm figures, the majority of which are Art Miniaturen and Newline Designs.

The map below has kindly been provided by Liphook war-games society and I am grateful for this work of art. This will save a huge amount of faffing around. The timings for off table entrants and the OOB will be published closer to the time. Still work in progress.

So will Souham be able to hold on long enough to see the flanking manoeuvres of other French Corps succeed or will the Prussian and Russian surprise attack sweep the French III Corps from the table?

On the painting front.....
Have finally completed a second Italian brigade to add to the first. The Italian 1st Brigade featured 3 battalions of the 1st regiment and 3 from the 7th regiment. These made an appearance last year at Leipzig. The 2nd brigade comprises 2 battalions of the 1st (light) infantry (green with yellow facings) plus skirmishers, 2 battalions of the 6th regiment, 1 battalion from the 4th regiment and one battalion of Milan Guard (lighter blue). Looks like the 2nd and 3rd Italian line regiments didn't feature much in Germany. We hope to see these in action in June. All Art M.

1st Brigade on the left. 2nd Brigade on the right.
Foot artillery battery not shown.

Divisional commander and ADC

Skirmishers from the 1st regiment light infantry.

Milan Guard

6th regiment 1st battalion. (I think)

Now finishing off two Russian foot batteries, both with limbers and caissons. (Art M) On the drawing board will be two more battalions of French naval artillery (Art M), and some command figures (Art M and Hagen), which I hope to add to the Lutzen game in time for June.  Longer term..... 2 battalions of the Von Low regiment (Saxon) (Art M), some Hesse Darmstadt line infantry (du Corps/2nd Regiment) plus a foot battery.(Art M) I was under the impression that most H-D units were in Spain in 1813 but delighted to see that there were some in Germany too.

I am extremely grateful to Newline D, Art M, Hagen, SHQ (for their Bavarians) and Franznap for their pioneering work, making it possible to create Napoleonic games in 20mm with metal figures. However, my two battalions of Saxon light infantry converted from Zvedza French light infantry will remain a plastic addition to the collection as they are such excellent figures.

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